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Data Science Consulting

Ai and Machine Learning Solutions customized for any domain, any organization.

Our Data Science capability building solutions prepare you for the challenges ahead with a focus an next gen skills and competencies, so that you move from just being a Data 'Management' Team to being a Data 'Science'Team. CUSTOMISED CONTENT Course content developed internally and vetted by industry experts CONCEPTUAL LEARNING Focus on the fundamental concepts and application in the industry supported extensive case studies and sample data EXPERIENCED TRAINERS Training conducted by experienced in-house trainers and empanelled industry practitioners.

We have a world class team of Data Scientists who are seasoned industry professionals. We have also built some rather complex Data Science models. Plus customized training solutions for verticals ranging from CPG to eCommerce to Pharma and even the Public Sector. 

But this does not mean our solutions are beyond the reach of your organisation.

We deliver top notch solutions but by keeping your teams lean and without any unnecessary investment in expensive tools.

This is why our solutions are accessible - which has resulted in a diversity that extends beyond the domains we have worked in.

From boutique enterprises to large corporations to mid size firms to not for profit organisations, we are proud to have been Data Science partners with not just successful but inspiring and innovative companies as well, since inception.