"STORY = SALE"​ - A Tale Of BRAND STORYtelling !!!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Once upon a time……..

This phrase itself brings back a lot of childhood memories transcending us to a different world of imagination. That’s the power of ‘Storytelling’.

A compelling story creates a connection with the audience, hits their emotional quotient in a short span of time and has a long lasting impact. Businesses use this ‘connect’ to build a brand and turn prospects into customers. Storytelling marketing takes the customers to an emotional journey, showcasing the values and attributes of a product/service and giving them a reason to invest in a particular brand.

Stories can be an effective communication tool to convey messages to customers. As part of their stories, marketers have been using creative and emotional narratives, videos, influencer or customers’ personal experiences, abstract stories, etc. to position their brand in the market. Examples of brands using stories as part of their marketing campaigns are – Amul, Google, Airbnb, Coca-Cola, etc.

Generally, a story includes key characters, conflict/plot, action, climax and resolution. It is also important to know the target audience, the core message to be conveyed, the suitable marketing channel, and finally the type of story to be narrated, i.e. written, audio, video, digital or a combination.

To create a memorable customer experience, the recipe for an appealing brand story should include a dash of ingredients like consumer empathy, authenticity, entertainment, creativity, personalization, providing support data, cohesiveness, etc. A bestselling brand story keeps the audience engaged, stimulates their minds, promotes sales and fosters brand loyalty.

Emotions drive purchase more than logic. Stories being more relatable, enhance customer engagement and develop an eternal customer-brand bond. Effective storytelling can differentiate a brand from its competitors, as it creates a memorable identity of the brand for its consumers.

Be it the COVID pandemic, Kerala floods, political elections, the IPL, etc., stories bring people together and create a sense of community. Even during eventful times, marketers use storytelling to show the humanitarian side of brands and create a sense of brand trust among their customers.

To summarize, brand storytelling has become an integral part of marketing campaigns as it connects with customers on an emotional level, making them the advocates of the brand for a very long time.

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